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What Is MathU Connect?

MathU Connect is the gateway for all our other platforms, bringing you the best tutoring experience on the planet. Connect is a beautiful integration that gives students the customised tutoring experience they need to succeed. It includes the Infinity App, Connect To Tutor, the MathU Dashboard, and more.

What Is Included In The MathU Method?

MathU Infinity App

Test your knowledge with 1000’s of exercises & assessments.

Connect To Tutor

Platform that allows for an instant connection between Student and Teacher.

MathU’s Discord Server

Struggling with a difficult concept? Chat with a Tutor on Discord.

Dashboard Management

Platform used to manage students progress and identify problem areas in subjects.

24/7 Tutor Assistance

Late night studying? We’ll join you.

Constant Communication

Ensuring you are always in the loop.

Weekly Progress Reports

Get a weekly report on your child’s progress.


Homework Scheduler (coming soon)

Platform used to provide students with structured learning based on their problem areas.

MathU Parent App (coming soon)

Gives parents instant access to a complete breakdown the work their child has done and is currently busy with.

We’ll Show You How It’s Done

MathU is unlike any other tutoring experience. With our range of cutting-edge MathU platforms working together, we can assist anyone with their tutoring needs. Our top tier educators which include engineers, actuaries and scientists can help students achieve their academic goals and change their perspectives about subjects like Mathematics and Physical Sciences. Sign up now and start building a better future!

Introducing Our MathU Radio Campaign!

On 19 June, we are kicking off our MathU Radio Campaign with GrootFM. Tune in to GrootFm and listen closely – we will talk about who we are and what we are trying to achieve. We will also give away 4 S.T.E.M. seats to 4 lucky winners. As a result, listeners will have the chance to build their very own Flying U-Drone, while we guide you every step of the way.

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